On 16th June 1988, the European Union, with the Council Decision 88/348/EEC decided to adopte an action programme for the promotion of youth exchanges in the Community called “Youth for Europe”. 29 years later, after the successful implementation of 3 Edition of the programme, and the following “Youth”, “Youth in Action” and the current “Erasmus +” programmes, we decided to celebrate the opportunity thanks to which thousands of youngsters and youth workers all over the world managed to travel, volunteer, and get education and training. The current Erasmus+ Programme is designed to support Programme Countries’ efforts to efficiently use the potential of Europe’s human talent and social capital, while confirming the principle of lifelong learning by linking support to formal, non-formal, and informal learning throughout the education training and youth fields. We’re launching this event for the second time to give space to everyone that got benefit from European Youth Mobility to share their stories, support the related programmes and get even more youngsters and NGOs to get to know about it and take part in it. We want to support the development of social capacity among young people, the empowerment of young people and their ability to participate actively in their society, and increase the knowledge of Erasmus+ and other European youth mobility programs among youngsters in Europe. Here is a small list of actions with which you can celebrate this day together with us: – Organize a conference, workshop, flashmob or event about international youth mobility – Post on social media your thoughts about it using the #eumobilitytime – Post, tag, spread the voice among your friends and networks as much as possible We wish you a great European Youth Mobility Day! #eumobilitytime https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/58496-european-youth-mobility-day?locale=en