During the month of december TDM 2000 International and all the partners involved in the Project Get Addicted to Sport Values started the research phase on the level of awareness that students, parents, teachers and sport coaches for kids have concerning integrity in sport and its implication on health and on personal development. the aim of the activity is to get to know more about the opinion and level of awareness on issues affecting the integrity of sport in the countries of the partners. It will tackle issues such as values in sport, education to sport, doping, match fixing, and discrimination. The research will be done via online forms and polls with google forms and social media, to reach a broader amount of public. Specific questionnaires will be designed for diverse targets. We foresee delivering at least 1000 among questionnaires and forms per country involved. All the data colected will be part of a publication. Find out more about the questionnaires delivered to the different targets in Italy: click here