“TDM International” put a lot of efforts into applying 5 projects for the last deadline of the Executive Agency for the 5th of September. It was a long-term 4.6 called “World for Opportunities” which tries to find paths and solutions to empower the youngsters in order to be employable by the labor market. Also we applied an EVS project “Be the Witness of Youth Participation”, which will include 30 volunteers coming from 11 countries, which also wants to increase the opportunity of EVS mobility of the young people from the countries involved. Youth Exchange “In Your Shoes – Youth Exchange on Sport and Inclusion” will give the opportunity to a group of 60 young people from 10 different European countries to meet, discuss, promote and experience how sport activities can support and facilitate the inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities. A 3.1 seminar called “New Generation – Old VALUES” will bring 34 youth workers, who will discuss the concept of ethic in youth work identifying common challenges, problems and best practices focusing on youth in general and especially on those with fewer opportunities who are more vulnerable than other parts of society. 3.1 “Outdoor We Live Better” is a Youth Exchange that will gather 36 youngsters and 6 youth leaders from 6 different countries. It will promote outdoor activities in order to promote social inclusion and healthy lifestyle.