In April there was hold the first meeting of the project “E-SCAPE: Exploring Supportive Creative Alternative Paths for Education” a KA2 approved as part of the funds allocated to fight the COVID-19 emergency and propose innovative ideas in the field of education and opportunities for young people.
The project will last until February 2022 and involves the partners:
TDM 2000 International (Coordinator) – Italy
Shokkin Group – Estonia
Ingenious knowledge – Germany
Global Citizenship Academy – Lithuania
Creative Media 2020 – Spain
Geoclube – Portugal

The partnership is made up of companies and associations which consists of youth education and learning.
The project was born from the idea and the passion of young people for physical ESCAPE ROOM ROOMs and the consortium, thanks to the digital transition of education and the need for innovation in the education of young people, wants to propose the creation of an Educational APP ROOM for young people.
The objectives of the project are linked to the realization of 2 main project results:
1) The creation of a manual on how to evolve Educational Escape Rooms online and offline
2) The creation of a Mobile APP with Educational Escape Rooms useful for the development of transversal skills for young people

During the first meeting the partners had the opportunity to review the details of the project, differentiate the tasks for each partner and prepare the documents for the implementation of the Kick off meeting that will be held in Portugal.

More updated on the project will be published soon!