TDM 2000 International has submitted applications on the 1st February for 3 new projects.

The 1st one is “Entrepreneurship: build youth future!“. An 8 days Training Course under the action 4.3 . The TC will be held in the city of Brno in Czech Republic that will host 30 participants from 10 different countries. It aims to attenuate youth unemployment and to help youth leaders from EU organisations in youth field to share and profit from their best experiences . More activities have been planned to reach this aim: simulations, brainstorming, ranking, role playing where youth leaders use creativity, innovation and experience. The first part of the activities is concentrated on giving and sharing more skills and knowledge about youth work, leadership and entrepreneurship. The second one is made up of practical activities where the participants will try to transform an idea into a real business project.

The 2nd one is a Youth & Democracy project under Action 1.3 and it is called “Raise a problem, get an answer!”. It aims to create a platform for the exchange of good ideas about activities that youth can undertake to start a real change in the society they live in by becoming the agent of the change that they want to see in their community. The project will last 17 months and will be implemented in 4 countries (Estonia, Italy, Romania and Lithuania). The Project is also foreseen to experiment with the platform, by starting to collect and upload the contents and materials on the platform so that it can commence working. “Raise a problem, get an answer!” foresees also a visit to the Commissions of the European Parliament with a presentation of the platform and submission of some operative proposals of intervention and identification of certain “problems” of the society.

The 3rd one is a trans-national Youth Seminar under action 5.1 called “Amplifier: share, evaluate and design the future!” that aims at mainstreaming the interests and recommendations of young people, incorporating them into policies and institutional initiatives, remarkably the new European programme for youth. The seminar will take place after a great deal of preliminary work, including numerous polls, questionnaires, surveys and public consultation developed both online and at local level. We will involve youth leaders, politicians, experts, decision-makers, administrators in the field of youth and policy-makers to, like the title suggests, share opinions, experiences and best practices connected to youth work and youth policies. This Seminar will take place in Cagliari, Italy, in October 2013 and will bring together 48 people from Italy, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia and Romania representing organizations with great experience in the YiA Programme.