The “TRAIN-Tracing Integration Policies through Structured Dialogue” project’s activities were officially closed during an online Final Conference held on December 14, 2020, attended by the members of the partnering organizations.

The meeting was firstly programmed to be organized in Bruxelles but due to COVID-19 situation was switched to online.

During the 24 months of the project, we involved European youngsters, including those with fewer opportunities and those currently not involved and active by offering them a set of online pools and tools to catch their opinions, views and needs.

The project involved 10 partners from 9 different countries, chosen specifically in order to represent past, present and future European Presidencies: TDM 2000 International, Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy), Asociatia Initiative si Poiecte pentru Tineret Imago Mundi (Romania), Step Europe ry (Finland), TDM 2000 Eesti, Law and Internet Foundation (Bulgaria), Centre for European Progression (Belgium), Be-Education, Equality, Sustainability (Austria), Geoclube (Portugal), National Youth Council Malta.

Marina Patteri, the coordinator of the project, inaugurated the conference with a welcome note and opening remarks.

During the meeting, the partners shared the results of the project, the Platform, discussed for possible plans for the future and run the final evaluation.

We summarized the positive impact of the project and the potential of our excellent partnership and collaboration during all phases of the implementation.

The results of the project will be collected in a white paper that will be delivered to institutional representatives and associations at the European, national and local level.

Learn more by visiting the official website of the TRAIN project: