The first activity in presence of the project “EurVoice” was hosted in Cagliari, from 10 to 12 of September. Following the scheduled programme, the activity gathered together 14 delegates from the 7 organizations partner of the project.

The aim of this meeting was to discuss about the status of the intellectual outputs IO2 and plans on the future IO3 outputs by evaluating the ongoing process. Also participants discussed about strategies, both local and international, to amplify the visibility of the project.
The partners from Bulgaria showed the official platform, as main result from IO1 outputs, created to raise young EU citizens; awareness of active citizenship and civic responsibility by using innovative and digital tools.
Participants also discussed the preparation for the Athens meeting (Joint Staff Training) at which the workshops implemented as an educational and training tool will be tested.
The next meeting of the project is scheduled in Athens from 20 to 24 September.