“From Europe to Asia: Capitalizing Experience in Youth Work” is 23 month capacity building project that involves 7 partners from Italy, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Indonesia and the Philippines with the main aim of disseminating best practices of youth work from Europe to the ASEAN countries involved and receiving their input. The idea behind the project is to share the results of 20 years of growth and development in youth practices and capacity building in Europe with organisations outside the European Union so that the youth sector in Indonesia and the Philippines can play an important role in their countries’ development of non-formal education and youth empowering. The project involves capacity building trainings on NGO management and youth work, job shadowing periods, and volunteer involvement. However, this projects stands far from only benefiting the parts directly participating: it aims at reverting to the local and global community by fostering development through education and changing people’s mentality toward a greater appreciation of non-formal education and to seize the opportunity that it creates.

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