Capacity Building 
Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Portugal, Indonesia, The Philippines 

European experts in the field of youth work are once again reaching our Southeast Asian partners in Indonesia (Denpasar) and the Philippines (Boracay) to share their knowledge on two topics: Dissemination & Visibility of a youth projects and Financial Management. Both subjects, even if in a different way, have a huge importance in boosting the sustainability of a youth project and the credibility of a youth NGO; if known for its good results and its financial reliability, a NGO has many more chances to grow and be successful. The training will be held simultaneously in Boracay and Denpasar and will last 21 days. During the sessions the trainees will be presented with the EU best practices acquired in over 20 years of youth work in the fields of dissemination, visibility and financial management, and will share impressions, ideas and opinions on the subjects.