This publication marks a quarter of a century of EU youth programmes accompanied by EU youth policy. It brings together a range of views and highlights best practices with the aim of stimulating debate about what youth work and non-formal learning can contribute, alongside other sectors, to European education. From diverse viewpoints, it reviews EU cooperation in the field, points to successes and sets out possible future scenarios, particularly in the context of the Erasmus+ Programme (2014-2020).

© European Union and the authors of the articles in this publication, 2015  : Martine Reicherts , Tomi Kiilakoski, Pascal Lejeune, Claudius Siebel, Hans-Georg Wicke, Ulrike Wisser, Howard Williamson, Hanjo Schild, Darko Markovic, Juan-Nielsen, Monika Novosadona, Ioana-Maria- Carmen Pantera, Robert Arnkil, Jorge Benedicto, Clive Bonnici    ;      Cover picture: ©2015 Artis Rams. All rights reserved.

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