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Designing Options

To identify and understand the steps involved in designing options. To learn how ''developing options'' is separate from ''selecting options"



To explore key skills and the structure of negotiation. To practise negotiation skills.


Introduction to Mediation

To develop an understanding of the process of mediation. To know when to refer conflicts to professional mediation. To learn the key…


Broadening Perspectives

To gain a sense of what broadening perspectives involves. To consider some specific steps to help broaden perspectives.


Aikido. Will you React or Respond?

To introduce participants to Aikido. To raise participants’ awareness of the value of centreing in managing conflict.


Organisational Management T-kit

This T-kit seeks to encourage the development of well managed youth organisations across Europe through the provision of a theoretical foundation and practical…


T-KIT N°3 Project Management

The T-Kit has been produced for those who want to develop projects and who are able to refer to their own experiences…


T-Kit n°9 Funding and Financial Managment

In each of the T-Kits, the reader finds a combination of theoretical and practical contents to help youth workers, youth organisations…


Domino. A manual to use peer group education as a means to fight racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and intolerance

Domino is a further step in a series of publications of the youth sector of the Council of Europe on…


FOR A FUTURE TO COME International Youth Work on Conflict Management

“For a Future to Come ‐ International Youth Work on Conflict Management” aims to promote conflict management initiatives and to enhance…


Coaching Guide

A guide that explores the concepts of Coaching,Youth Initiatives and Youth Participation, including practical tools and methods, advice and information,…


Manual for facilitators in non-formal education

Manual for facilitators in non-formal education involved in preparing and delivering the programme of study sessions at European Youth Centres

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