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  • Unveiling competence gaps: A comparative analysis in the cultural sector for talent transformation
    Here you’ll find the results of the desk research on which both the Manual and the Talent    Read More
  • Talent Self-Assessment Tool
    This innovative tool is designed to help young artists and creatives explore and enhance their unique talents and soft skills.    Read More
  • Empowering creative Youth: A comprehensive manual for talent transformation and competence development in the cultural sector
    Discover our Manual, an invaluable resource for young artists and creatives. Dive into 4 modules covering talent, personal, entrepreneurial, and    Read More
    This manual is an educational and informational tool created as a part of the Green Sport and Outdoor Activities for    Read More
  • Thumb The rise in cRISEs_Toolkit
    “The rise in cRISEs" survival Toolkit is the main result of the seminar with the same title, which aimed to    Read More
  • Engaging in Lobbying– Positioning Youth Work
    Engaging in Lobbying – Positioning Youth Work
    A concrete and useful tool about NFE. Non-formal educations comes with the concept of “ Lifelong learning” which means that    Read More
  • Thumb The individuating new policies and strategies for the validation and recognition of Non Formal Learning
    This publication contains a report about new strategies and policies identified in Lithuania and related to Non Formal Learning.    Read More
  • Thumb Six Steps to Global Citizenship
    Our most successful publication “Six Steps to Global Citizenship” aims to (1) provide a framework of competencies young people around    Read More
  • Thumb Global Youth Work. The Stories of GLOBALAB
    "Global Youth Work. The Stories of GLOBALAB" is a collection of stories and case studies that: (1) Illustrate the importance    Read More
  • Thumb Towards inclusive policies and practices in Youth Work. Report on state of art and needs
    Research report “Towards inclusive policies and practices in Youth Work. Report on state of art and needs.” looks at the    Read More
  • Thumb Towards A Successful Integration of Young Refugees. A Guide for NGOs
    "Towards A Successful Integration of Young Refugees. A Guide for NGOs" aims to to support the capacity building process of    Read More
  • Thumb Digital Citizenship and Youth Work
    Research report "Digital Citizenship and Youth Work" which aims to investigate: (1) the profiles of young people and youth workers in    Read More
  • Thumb Toolkit Global Education Goes Pop
    Toolkit "Global Education Goes Pop" aims to (1) introduce global perspectives into young people’s local contexts; (2) increase the capacity    Read More
  • Thumb Digital Tools presentation TDM 2000 International
    In this presentation TDM 2000 International shows useful digital tools for non formal activities online.
  • Thumb The changing nature and role of vocational education and training in Europe
    This research paper forms part of the Cedefop project The changing nature and role of vocational education and training in    Read More
  • Thumb Skills for You(th) through Sport HANDBOOK
    Skills for You(th) through Sport, known as the SK4YS project is a transnational initiative gathering various stakeholders with strong expertise    Read More
  • Thumb Lifelong Learning Platform
    Guidebook to EU DECISION-MAKING IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING Gathering 41 organisations, the Lifelong Learning Platform is today the most legitimate interlocutor    Read More
  • Thumb Qualified Youth Workers for Europe
    Dear readers, on the one hand, this guide deals theoretically with the issue of the recognition of competences of youth    Read More