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  • Thumb Operating Grant 2020 Contest on Dual Identity
    The Report briefly summarize the two most valuable activities implemented in accordance with the aim to increase the attention and    Read More
  • Thumb EVS Year Book 2018
    With this album, we want to celebrate the volunteers giving service to the NGOs of the network and their communities    Read More
  • Thumb Report on Info Days - TDM 2000 International
    This report aims to  provide a summary of some of the information on the different EU Programs, which have been collected    Read More
  • Thumb Newsletter TDM 2000 International 2018
    Here you can find all the newsletters of TDM 2000 International written during 2018
  • TDMInternational Annual Report 2015
    In this 2015 Annual Report, we managed to complete a great number of activities, campaigns, and events. We developed new    Read More