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  • Cyberfighters' Booklet
    Most people are familiar with some kind of online harassament, especially children and teenagers whose social life is partially constituted by virtual    Read More
  • Thumb Intercultura
    The document is the annual Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange sponsored by the Intercultura Foundation in Colle di Val    Read More
  • Thumb "Have your say!"
    Manual on the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life The Congress of Local    Read More
  • Thumb coLAB Toolkit: Inclusive practices towards refugees in higher education (2020)
    CoLAB, a collaboration between five higher education institutions in Europe, is born from the observation that many refugees bring with    Read More
  • Thumb Handbook on European non-discrimination law
    In January 2010, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights decided to cooperate    Read More
  • Thumb 2019 Calendar Ofrefugees
    In order to face current European challenges of the refugee crisis, as well as issues related to inclusion, acceptance, tolerance,    Read More
  • Thumb Shaping the Future of Europe: The Role of Education Trade Unions
    Background document of the ETUCE Special Conference, from 26th to 28th November 2018.
  • Thumb Integrating Students from Migrant Backgrounds into Schools in Europe
    National policies and measures to promote the integration of students from a migrant background into schools.
  • Thumb Visions and Actions for Gender Equality
    As a participatory conference, Gender Equality and YOU brought together 260 participants from all over Europe to take part in    Read More
  • Thumb Joint Statement on Citizenship Education & EU Common Values
    A joint initiative on promoting EU Common Values and Inclusive Education - Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
  • Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities in the Youth Activities of the Council of Europe. Consultative Meeting Report
    Consultative Meeting Report: Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities in the Youth Activities of the Council of Europe.