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  • EYES manual
    Our project aims to exploit the potential of Social Entrepreneurship and its appeal to new generations, including a youth work    Read More
  • Circular Economy Manager for SMEs active in the Agri-food sector
    The goal of the present document (named hereby after the “CEM Framework”) is to define the set of necessary entrepreneurial    Read More
  • ESTEEM: Women entrepreneurship- Literature Review
    The report’s primary goal is to provide new and established women entrepreneurs with tools and information on the state of    Read More
  • Synthesis Report on Social entrepreneurship and other models to secure employment
    Synthesis Report on Social entrepreneurship and other models to secure employment for those most in need, is on two complementary    Read More
  • EntreComp-Play Book
    Entrepreneurial learning beyond the classroom
  • EntreComp A Practical Guide
    EntreComp: a practical guide, easing the access to entrepreneurship. Here you can find the version in other EU languages.    Read More
  • ESTEEM Project_Research study on how psychosocial factors affect entrepreneurship
    Research study on how the psychological codes and cognitive aspects of a business leader are influenced by the gender, realized    Read More
  • Thumb EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework
    The European Commission has proposed ‘A New Skills Agenda for Europe: Working together to strengthen human capital, employability and competitiveness’    Read More
  • Thumb Entrepreneurship Education at School in Europe
    Developing and promoting entrepreneurship education has been one of the key policy objectives for the EU and Member States for    Read More
  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs : Matching Point Among Member of The Network
    This ebook give the brief information of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program and also the compilation of the previous winner.    Read More