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  • Learning to learn - A key competence for all adults?!
    UNIQUE, a European network of educational practitioners and researchers, decided to explore the key-competence LEARNING TO LEARN and designed an    Read More
  • Thumb The changing nature and role of vocational education and training in Europe
    This research paper forms part of the Cedefop project The changing nature and role of vocational education and training in    Read More
  • Thumb Governance and financing of apprenticeships
    Apprenticeships have been widely acknowledged as an important policy tool to respond to the current socioeconomic challenges that the European    Read More
  • Thumb Skills for Green Jobs
    This publication offers interesting insights in its effects on policies and other initiatives relevant to ‘green’ skills and jobs. -    Read More
  • Thumb The Online Job Vacancy Market in the EU
    By examining online job portals as a source for developing labour market intelligence in real time, this report supports the    Read More
  • Thumb Spotlight on VET - 2018 compilation
    Building on individual country Spotlights, this publication brings together the main features and data of VET in the EU, Iceland    Read More
  • Thumb Entrepreneurship Education at School in Europe
    Developing and promoting entrepreneurship education has been one of the key policy objectives for the EU and Member States for    Read More
  • Thumb Cedefop Opinion Survey On Vocational Education And Training In Europe - Slovenia
    This thematic perspective was prepared based on data collected through the first Cedefop European public opinion survey on VET -    Read More
  • Thumb A new generation of VET Mobility Programmes
    Paper that outlines the main results provided by the online consultation  - Stefano Tirati, EfVet Vice-President