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  • Thumb Digital Citizenship and Youth Work
    Research report "Digital Citizenship and Youth Work" which aims to investigate: (1) the profiles of young people and youth workers in    Read More
  • Thumb Digital Tools presentation TDM 2000 International
    In this presentation TDM 2000 International shows useful digital tools for non formal activities online.
  • Cyberfighters' Booklet
    Most people are familiar with some kind of online harassament, especially children and teenagers whose social life is partially constituted by virtual    Read More
  • Thumb Bologna Digital 2020 White Paper on Digitalisation in the European Higher Education Area
    Europe needs new visions for contemporary higher education in the digital age. Digitalisation is not only an additional challenge, but    Read More
  • Thumb Media Literacy for all
    Being media literate means being able to critically understand and evaluate media content and to responsibly and safely use digital    Read More
  • Thumb Digital technologies in elections
    Digital solutions are increasingly used in elections. Their security has attracted much attention in the recent years as it impacts    Read More
  • Thumb Easy steps to help your child become a Digital Citizen (2020)
    Young people today inhabit a world that has been transformed by digital technologies, effortlessly enabling connectedness through social media and    Read More
  • Thumb Parenting in digital age
    “Digital parents” need to be responsible role models, and to establish communication and trust so that children will discuss their    Read More
  • Thumb Perspectives on Youth - Volume 4
    Young people in a digitalised world - European Union and Council of Europe in the field of Youth