Europe needs new visions for contemporary higher education in the digital age. Digitalisation is not only an additional challenge, but also an effective means to address key challenges for higher education in the 21st century. This paper focuses on current developments and the discourse to be sharpened by 2020, but looks to the future of higher education. It follows the vision that in 2030, universities and colleges of higher education offer courses of study that are much more flexible and offer different learning pathways recognising the diversity of the student population. They are central institutions of lifelong learning, on campus and on digital platforms. The university will be a networked and open institution in 2030, which cooperates much more closely with other universities as well as the community and jointly develops and provides educational programmes.

Florian Rampelt · Dominic Orr · Alexander Knoth

Hochschulforum  Digitalisierung:

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    April 5, 2021