TDM 2000 International has submitted application on the 3rd of June for 2 projects, under the framework of the actions 3.1 and 4.3.

YOUth- Wind of Change is a training course (Action 3.1) which will be implemented from 6 till 13 May 2014. The training will bring together 30 participants from 10 countries. The main theme of project is empowering leadership from different minority groups. There are different factors which determine the participation of youngsters from minorities in community life. Being part of a minority group such as: a young person from a Roma community, a disabled person, a young person belonging to migrant family, a young person from LGBT community etc. in many cases lead to isolation whether social, cultural or educational. Within this project we would like to enrich participants with tools to develop their leadership skills in order to motivate them in becoming active local and European citizens. By developing concrete leadership skills for participants (intercultural communication and public speaking, team building, facilitation, conflict management) we will contribute in promotion of equal opportunities and empowerment of minority youth. Intercultural education will motivate participants to share their knowledge, information and experience in order to act as multipliers on civil society field after the TC . The new youth programme 2014-2020 and other European programmes will be promoted as a tool for inclusion and empowerment of minority youth. Through this TC would like to increase participants sense of entrepreneurship. Non Formal Education will be the methodology of the training course consideration its holistic approach of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The other project, called “Entrepreneurship: build your future!” ( Action 4.3), is a training course born to attenuate youth unemployment and to help youth leaders from EU organisations in youth field to share and profit from their best experiences. Improving the skills and competences of the participants in the range of youth work and youth entrepreneurship are the main goals of this project, as well as to contribute to the self-development of the individuals themselves and spark an entrepreneurial spirit among young people. It could help to revert the negative trend of a growing youth unemployment in Europe throughout the exchange of good practices and experiences and to spread more information about European programmes which provide youth opportunities in youth work and entrepreneurship. More activities have been planned to reach this aim: simulations, brainstormings, ranking, role playing where youth leaders use creativity, innovation and experience.
The first part of the activities are concentrated to give and share more skills and knowledge about youth work, leadership and entrepreneurship.
The second one is made up in practical activities where the participant try to change an idea in a real business project. The TC will take place in Czech Republic where youth unemployment rate is near the average rate of EU but involve countries where this rate is very low as well as others where this rate is very high. 30 participants will be involved for 8 days in activities where non formal education methods will be used. As a result quality youth projects on youth employment will be developed by partner organisations, young persons’ ideas will emerge and for their proper implementation, sustainable partnership will be established.