The Final International Evaluation Meeting of the project Prince, Merchant and Citizen as one: CSR in Europe was held in Cagliari, 3-5 October. The team, made up by the representative of the partner NGOs, met in the TDM 2000 internationals’ new office. The rich program of evaluation activities, started with an individual assessment of each partner, followed by an general group evaluation. The group checked all the documents needed for the final financial and qualitative report, reviewed the impact assessment and verified the progresses of the final publication of the CSR Best Practices. During these days together the coordinators explored as well the outcomes of the project, to see whether the results of the project correspond to the projected objectives. Other than preparing the final report of the project, the project leaders will engage now the preparation and planning of future follow-up activities that may ensure the expected long lasting sustainable impact that this project envisages. Associated local partners will be asked to provide their own evaluation of the project and of how the partnership benefited their organizations. The final Press Conference to which all the associated partners will be invited, will come before the closing ceremony for the whole project, during which the project’s results will be presented to the Media.In the near future we expect to improve the experience gained so far, start to new project ideas related to Corporate Social Responsibility in each of the partner countries.