The activities of the international seminar of the “Connect – The Art of Youth Participation” project were held in Tallinn, Estonia from 1st-8th of March. CONNECT is a 24 monthly lasting project, realised under Key Action 3 – “EUROPEAN YOUTH TOGETHER 2020”-  and carried out by  9 organizations from 8 countries: Interculture France; SIEDAS Slovakia; Global Citizens Academy Lithuania, TDM 2000 Estonia, IUVENTA Serbia, Turkonfed Turkey, SOCIAL POLICY AND ACTION ORGANIZATION Cyprus, TDM 2000 and TDM 2000 International Italy.

The project aims to counteract the detachment and disinterest of the new generations in regard to the public, national and European institutions. To achieve this goal, “Connect” outlines new forms of collaboration between the actors of civil society and politics. Especially associations, educational institutes, and local institutions.

The seminar was attended by 26 delegates representing the partner organizations. There were political decision-makers and civil society leaders. During the 6 working days of the meeting, the themes of the project were explored. Among these, analysis of youth policies in Europe, how to implement effective advocacy activities towards institutions, how to organize public events, analysis of the skills necessary for the role of  the decision makers.

The activities of the project CONNECT are co-financed by the Region of Sardinia and Fondazione Sardegna.