During the Annual General Meeting that took place in Cagliari on the 7th of December, the new Board was elected.

President – Angelica Perra (TDM 2000)
Vice President – Bettina Schreier (TDM 2000 Germany)
Network Developer – Petra Galea Debono (TDM 2000 Malta)
Secretary – Michele Demontis (TDM 2000)
Internal Auditor – Annibale Morsillo

The board will be in charge starting from the 1st of January 2014.

The new statute and the balance sheet of 2012 were approved and the planning of the activities of 2013 was presented to the members. Also the new members joined the network in 2013, which were ratified.

KUD PLAC (Slovenia)
UVENTA (Serbia)
Young Europe Society (Romania)
SIEDAS (Slovakia)
SYNERGIA (Portugal)
SMIT (Poland)
Three members were admitted during the AGM.These are TDM 2000 Polska (Poland), Agency of Youth Promotion and Development Compass (Georgia) and VIA CIVIC Association (Bulgaria). We welcome new members and can not wait work with them!