After one year of local activities, it has arrived the end of the project “SPORTive: Lo sport come strumento per l’Inclusione e
l’Educazione ai Valori. ” Sportive is a Solidarity Project of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and funded by the Italian National Agency.

What did we do during 12 months?

Through the proposed actions, we stimulated between sardinian youngsters, the critical sense and reflection on the importance of the values of solidarity, tolerance and non-violence. violence. We promoted the practice of sports with the benefits that this can bring in terms of personal growth and physical and mental well-being.

Youngsters  were stimulated to reflect on the drifts and negative consequences of the concept of “victory at any cost” having greater awareness of the real importance of values such as sense of belonging to a group, cohesion, cooperation, respect, inclusion, non-violence and respect for the rules, in sport and in life. rules, in sport and in everyday life.

One of the main results of the project was the creation of a Toolkit on how to use sport as a method for educating youngsters. The Manual is a tool for teachers, youth workers and other social educators who want to use a new learning program, which  aims to stimulate young people to reflect on the key values ​​of sport. You can download it here.

Lastly, the project encouraged people who work in the field of youth education to start stable educational paths, lasting and parallel to normal teaching; paths that are aimed at stimulating the civic sense of the boys, their critical spirit, cohesion and a sensitivity towards
towards the other members of the community, especially towards the weakest ones.