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Youth and youth policy: TDM 2000 International met with EP President Metsola

On the occasion of the closing of the project “Youth Work Seal – Taking the Youth Work to the Next Level” we met with the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola in Brussels on July 8th. The meeting, had as its theme the promotion of youth active citizenship and dialogue between young people and institutions through the presentation of the results of the project.
Cases of excellence and good practices of youth democratic inclusion and participation, implemented locally by TDM 2000 International and the project’s partner organizations, were brought to the president’s attention.
These included communication campaigns, area workshops, debates, and creative projects. President Metsola complimented the results of the work done

Educational Toolkit of the project ABCDemocracy

The activities of the ABCDemocracy project have officially ended, and together with the partners, we are engaged in testing the results, which include an evaluation of the toolkit containing the following tools:

  • VIDEO INTERVIEWS with policy makers, youth activists and members of youth associations
  • PODCASTS on current issues related to key European values
  • MICROLEARNING SESSION for in-depth study of historical,sociological and cultural topics
  • ESCAPE ROOM to encourage interaction and participation of younger people in an all “European” adventure.

The testing phase will last a few days and will take place in Italy, Spain and Cyprus involving both educators and youth workers, as well as young people as beneficiaries of the project activities.

YouPlay 2nd Podcast

Welcome to the 2nd Podcast of the International Project YouPlay, In this episode, we are discussing about the importance of youth engagement and empowerment through gamification.



YouPlay 1st Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the YOUPLAY project podcast. In it, we discussed with our guests the role of young people in contributing to sustainable development and introduce you to a game that helps youth to do so. This podcast is a part of the international project “Youth Playful Engagement” that is supported by the European Union Erasmus+ programme.


“Changemakers for European Democracy” – Partners’ Meeting in Estonia

On February 27 – 28, the consortium of the “Changemakers for European Democracy” project gathered in Tallinn, Estonia for the second partners’ meeting.

The project was created in response to the low voter turnout seen in the 2019 European Parliament elections. Its goals are to raise young people’s awareness of the importance of voting, explore the topic of active participation, improve the general understanding of the EU and its decision-making processes, ultimately increasing the voter turnout in the June 2024 elections.

During the meeting, the partners reviewed the project progress and outlined the upcoming activities. In order to discuss the importance of youth engagement in democracy and to exchange insights into their respective

Youth Work Seal- International seminar in Italy

The Youth Work Seal project’s international activity, structured in the form of a seminar, was hosted in Cagliari , Italy, from February 13-20. During the activities, the delegates involved, particularly young people, youth workers and policy makers, discussed and analyzed data from the consultation work undertaken in their respective countries. From the data that emerged, they created recommendations, an expression of the issues most felt by young people.

An adequate time and space were devoted to testing and sharing methodologies for active participation and training of young people, especially testing the tools used for consultation activities at the local level.

All the results of the project will

YouPlay Final TPM and International Final Conference

On the 13th and 14th of february TDM 2000 International, as the coordinator of the YouPlay Project, hosted the final Transnational partners meeting and the final conference. The two meetings were relevant to plan the final steps to be taken by the partners before the end of the project in march and to promote/disseminate the main project results to more than 50 people. Many youngsters, youth workers, teachers and policy makers had the chance to find out how the educational board game could be used to promote SDGs and youngsters’ active participation.

Call for experts for Monitoring & Evaluation for the Project Youth-Care

TDM 2000 International, as a partner of the KA2 Capacity Building Project “Youth-Care”, co-financed by the European Union, is looking for an expert on the topics of Monitoring & Evaluation of projects of international cooperation. 
The Terms of References can be found in this link.
Please send your applications for interest no later than the 31.03.2024.

Finalization of the “YouPlay Adaptation Guide”

We are very happy to announce the finalization of the “Policy recommendations and adaptation Guide”, the second main result of our project YouPlay! The tool is intended to be complementary to the developed educational board game, it contains Policy recommendations, a Presentation of the methodology used for the game to be adapted to other fields, Indication of existing tools and systems to recognize the competences that participants will acquire taking part to the educational activities.

The guide will be available in 6 languages on the webpage of the project (  by the end of march and it will be free downloadable, stay tuned!

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