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gearIn the framework of the goals for which it was created, TDM 2000 International, coordinates, directly implements, supports and divulges activities and projects designed by our staff or by our affiliates.

TDM 2000 International  has developed projects and activities of the likes of:

  • training courses and study sessions,
  • different sorts of encounters and workshops,
  • awareness-raising campaigns and lobbying meetings,
  • inquiries and polls,
  • voluntary service projects,
  • partnership building activities and contact making seminars,
  • electronic and hard cover publications,
  • youth exchanges and seminars,
  • other multi-measure projects with diverse types of social intervention for development.

Our members have been working for many years in

In Your Shoes

This video has been realized during “In Your Shoes – Youth Exchange on Sport and Inclusion” (Cagliari 20-28 August 2014), in which 60 young people from 10 different European countries have discussed and promoted how sport activities can support and facilitate the inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities.


“From Europe to Asia: Capitalizing Experience in Youth Work” is 23 month capacity building project that involves 7 partners from Italy, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Indonesia and the Philippines with the main aim of disseminating best practices of youth work from Europe to the ASEAN countries involved and receiving their input. The idea behind the project is to share the results of 20 years of growth and development in youth practices and capacity building in Europe with organisations outside the European Union so that the youth sector in Indonesia and the Philippines can play an important role in their countries’ development of non-formal education and youth empowering. The project involves capacity building

Amplifier Seminar

The concern over the future has been stressed by all youth organizations we have encountered during the last months. The uncertainly around the next European programme for youth has raised many eyebrows, being yet unclear the future steps. Furthemore, all have displayed the utmost motivation in talking part in the definition of youth policies and flagship initiatives.
In this context, “Amplifier: share, evaluate and design the future!” was a Trans-National Youth Seminar that aimed at mainstreaming the interests and recommendations of young people. This was accomplished while incorporating them into policies and institutional initiatives, remarkably the new European programme for youth.

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TDM 2000 International Profiles

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TDM International Digital Library

The TDM 2000 International Library site was created as a compound of manuals and useful materials related to training, formation, human rights, programs and non formal education, that has been compiled in order to provide a useful help when working in any of these fields with the European Commission and the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

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Raise a Problem, Get An Answer

The “Raise a problem, get an answer” is a project that will last 17 months and will be implemented in 4 countries (Estonia, Italy, Lithuania and Romania) with 8 youth organizations working in the field of active participation.

The aim of the project is to create a platform for the exchange of best practices and policies about activities that youth can undertake to start a real change in their society. In this way, the platform constitutes an useful tool without geographical limitations for all the people who want to know more about best practices and policies of other countries.


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On the Move: The Challenges of Young Migrants

“On the move: the challenges of young migrants” held in Bansko from 17th to 25th February and implemented by TDM 2000 International, motivated youth workers and youth leaders active in the third sector from 9 different European countries went to meet eachother and discuss. It created a non-formal space for exploring and discussing issues connected with Migration and analyzing the diverse manners how the related subjects are treated in our countries and in the European space in general.