“TDM 2000 Internatioanal is glad to announce its partnership in the project “Address of Human Rights – Journalism”.

The aim of the project is to reduce racism and xenophobia by changing portrayal of socially
vulnerable groups in media.

The project will be developed with the implementation of 3 training courses where participants will
work to strengthen the cross-communal understanding by uprooting of racism and xenophobia. The
project will be enriched by the contribution of the internal and external. In total 90 persons from 6
partner countries will be enabled for this mission.

Moreover, project participants and the society at large will be invited to take part in the media
campaign for mutual understanding. Campaign will make investigations on why do racist,
xenophobic attitudes do arise, how does the hate speech affect the society and in particular, the
targeted groups. Journalists will be invited to undertake journalistic investigations according to the
topics proposed in the on-line journalistic investigation platform that will be run by the participation
of society, especially minority groups concerned.

Therefore, international training course will be organized for 30 self-help NGOs and NGOs
from the partner countries working with target group. This training course aims to prepare the
methodology on how to enable the target group to represent themselves and communicate with the

The partners are:

The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism
Arci Catania
TDM 2000 International – Italy
European Youth Press
Concordia International Group (CIG)
International Initiatives for Cooperation (IIC)
Center for Economic Development (CED)
International Development Alliance (IDA)
Media Diversity Institute
National Institute for Social Integration
Vytautas Magnus University (VMU)