TDM 2000 International is a
non-governmental, non-partisan,
non-profit, independent organization committed to foster cooperation across Europe through the establishment of a vivid network of youth organizations.

Since its creation in 2008, the network has significantly flourished and now embraces 30 organizations from 23 different countries. So far, it has coordinated, directly implemented, supported and disseminated activities and projects mainly in the fields of Education and Training for Capacity Building, International Cooperation for Development and Mobility for Intercultural Learning.

The network counts on a team of highly qualified professionals, with broad experience in fields such as training and coaching, project management, intercultural communication, fundraising and advocacy, lobbying or policy-making.


A world with higher levels of social cohesion, respect for Human Rights, intercultural understanding, cross-borders cooperation, youth empowerment, participation and employability.


TDM 2000 International is committed to establish an effective network of cooperation between youth organizations through which we shall develop concerted strategies to approach common issues that affect youth, thus becoming a main promoter of the empowerment of young people, youth associations and their communities as a whole.

Main Goals


It all started in Cagliari in 2000, when a group of youngsters established the Association TDM 2000, aiming to promote personal and professional development, encourage youth mobility, and make citizens more active in their local communities, stimulating the exchange of opinions and points of view.

The interest in TDM 2000’s activities, projects, and aims grew quickly, with partner organisations being established in various countries throughout Europe. Some of these organisations decided to use the TDM 2000 name, such as Malta, Estonia and Germany, while others named themselves differently. In order to reach a greater cooperation amongst themselves, the partner organizations decided to found a network. On 8th August 2008, TDM 2000 International was created as the network’s umbrella organisation, establishing a system that allows members to effectively work together and pursue their shared goals.

The actions also aim at increasing the quality of youth work and youth projects. The main methodology is Non Formal Education, together with other tools.Since the creation of the network, thousands of young people have been involved in the activities and projects organized by TDM 2000 International. With the project “Youth participation”, an online platform of interaction and exchange of good practices between young people and stakeholders, more than 3000 young people have been reached.