A new project is started some weeks ago and we are very happy to be able to contribute our experience! ABCDemocracy is a small-scale partnership within the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus Plus programme. This project involves three countries from Spain (Asociación Moviéndote por la Integración y la Participación Ciudadana), Italy (TDM 2000 International) and Cyprus (Citizens in Power) and it aims to enhance the democratic knowledge of young vulnerable people and thus encourage them to play an active role in shaping the society.

The project priorities are the teaching of common values, civic engagement, and the participation of young people. It also prioritizes inclusion and diversity. The project combines these two priorities by placing the teaching of democratic literacy at the center of the training sessions for vulnerable groups.

Over the past few weeks, we have been busy conducting the first video interviews involving: a young activist, a member of our staff, and a policymaker.

Are you curious to know what they said? Check out the interviews at this link: https://www.abcdemocracy.eu/