We are happy to announce that the Project “SPORTive: Lo sport come strumento per l’Inclusione e l’Educazione ai Valori” realized thanks to the contribution of the program “European Solidarity Corps – Solidarity projects” was successfully finalized in the month of December 2021. The manual containing workshops which use sport as a tool for youngsters’ education was pubblished in the dedicated website page, check it here.

The Manual is a tool for teachers, youth workers and other social educators who want to use a new learning program, which  aims to stimulate young people to reflect on the key values ​​of sport

by providing inputs and key concepts useful to the beneficiaries to increase their active participation in the community, basing their behavior on those basic principles of sport that are also applicable to their everyday life. The proposed workshops include a series of activities based on a mix of methodologies (formal moments, sports activities, non-formal education).
The workshops presented below involve the use of both formal and non-formal education methodology. This allows to transmit theoretical information but also to stimulate the beneficiaries to be an active part of the learning phase through practical and participatory actions that stimulate their critical sense.
Different tools are used: classroom lessons, direct testimonials, presentation of practical cases, video projection, to present the phenomenon in general, causes, consequences, statistical data.

In the workshops, the non-formal education used involves a learning process outside the curriculum provided by formal education, mainly according to the “learning by doing” formula, that is learning through direct experience.
The learning methodology consists in the interaction between the direct beneficiaries and the concrete situations they experience.

Check out this Manual and share with us your experience!