We hosted, starting from the 5th to the 9th of July, a meeting with the partners that are involved in the project “TRAIN: Tracing Integration Policies through Structured Dialogue”, realized under the Erasmus+ programme, specifically in the Key Action 3.

The meeting was held in Bucharest, Romania, and represented the first international activity of the project.

Partners from across Europe, involving 10 organizations from 9 different countries gathered together in order to discuss about the results of the local activities of the project, sharing ideas and collecting feedbacks.

The partners involved spanned from alla cross Europe, with special attention to countries that has been hosting the previous and future European Council Presidencies:


-TDM 2000 (Italy);

-Law and Internet Foundation (Bulgaria);

-BEES (Austria);

-Imago Mundi (Romania);

-StepEurope ry (Finland);

-GeoClube (Portugal);

-Centre for European Progression IVZW (Belgium);

-TDM2000 Eesti (Estonia);

– Kunsill Nazzjonali Taz-Zghazagh (Malta);


As one of the main focus of the project was to closely follow the work of the European Council, we decided to visit several institutional venues during our stay, as Romania was the holder of the precidency at the time.

The visits to the venue of the Parliament, along with the government, allower us to live a “full immersion” experience linked to the active participation and political life, discussing the updates on the theme of Structured Dialogue and brainstorming on the future of youth policies, specifically those linked to social inclusion, the main topic of the project.


As a last, crucial, point we collected ideas and insights on the creation of the online platform, on how it would be developed and the ways to involve both youths and policy makers in their usage.


After the seminar, the project moved on into it’s next stage, seeing as protagonists the local work groups, with each partner hosting local events such as conferences, workshops and meetings with local institutions and decision makers.

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