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TDM 2000 International is a vibrant and passionate non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit, independent organization committed to foster cooperation across Europe through the establishment of a vivid network of youth organizations. Founded in 2008 by a group of young people with extensive international experience in youth work, it was initially the realization of a dream that in the meantime has significantly flourished and now embraces organizations from 18 different countries. Within our ranks we count with a team of highly qualified collaborators, with broad experience devising and implementing different educational projects throughout Europe and other overseas territories. Indeed, our network is set up by volunteers and professionals with remarkable expertise in fields such as training and coaching, project management, intercultural communication, fundraising and advocacy, lobbying or policy-making.



A world characterized by higher levels of social cohesion, respect for Human Rights, intercultural understanding, cross-borders cooperation, youth empowerment, participation and employability.


TDM 2000 International commits to establishing an effective network of cooperation between youth organizations through which we shall develop concerted strategies to approach common issues that affect youth, thus becoming a main promoter of the empowerment of young people, youth associations and their communities as a whole.


Main Goals

  • Challenge the paradigms of ethnocentric education systems and promote a more inclusive learning process that integrates contents non conformant to the dominant culture, thus fostering the development of a bigger respect for cultural diversity

  • Advocate for a world where peace, intercultural understanding, pluralism, non-discrimination, justice, equal opportunities and solidarity prevail

  • Create and provide tools and opportunities which may allow youngsters to enhance their personal and professional development, fostering consciousness in individual capabilities and developing competences increasingly required by the labour market, thus striving to achieve higher rates of youth employment

  • Encourage young people to research and thus realize the importance of their civil engagement and foster the acknowledgement of their prospective role as main actors of social change, therefore promoting a process of empowerment that shall lead to a more active participation of youth in the life and the decision-making processes of their communities

  • Promote strong synergies of cooperation between the public sector, the private sector and civil society through capacity-building, lobbying and advocacy processes in order to ensure socially responsible management and that young people take part in policy-making

  • Build a structure of support to youth organizations that stimulates international cooperation for development through sustained transfer of knowledge and exchange of best practices whilst facilitating reflection and debate at a transnational level



It all started in Cagliari in 2000, when a group of youngsters established Association TDM 2000 with the aim to promote personal and professional development, encourage youth mobility, and making citizens more active in their local communities, stimulating the exchange of opinions and points of view.

Interest in Association TDM 2000's activities, projects, and aims grew quickly, with partner organisations being established in various countries. Some of these organisations decided to also use the TDM 2000 logo in their name, such as Malta, Latvia and Germany, while others named themselves differently. With numerous partner organisations being established throughout Europe, members, such as TDM 2000 Italy, TDM 2000 Estonia and TDM 2000 Germany, founded a network that would allow greater cooperation amongst them. On 8th August 2008 TDM 2000 International was created as the network's umbrella organisation, establishing a system that allows members to effectively work together and pursue their shared goals.